Acies strives to provide practical and tangible outcomes rooted in the use of new generation technologies and applications.

Our business verticals are focused on innovation, speedy implementation, skilling and scaling organizations to help achieve growth and sustainability.

The Acies philosophy


Partner and work with a broader ecosystem to solve market issues and mutualize outcomes


Incorporate cutting edge technology into every step of consulting to actualize results instantly


Technology and financial skill building as an integral part of outcome to support sustainability


Scale through technology to standardize industry solutions and set new benchmarks

What we do

Our subsidiary

Jonosfero International LLP (a joint venture with Jackstien Practices) specializes in technology products designed to return power to users with high-quality solutions and applications.

Jonosfero's solutions and applications are intelligently architected to merge controls with innovation, accommodate tomorrow’s changes, promote high standards of governance in regulated entities, bring down cost of control and compliance, and enhance operational efficacy. 


 Our values

Integrity and excellence

We believe that unflinching commitment to integrity and excellence is key to sustainable growth

Outcome oriented

We believe in measuring our success through tangible positive change

Practical innovation

We believe in embracing continuous improvement through creation and application  

Shared success

We believe that our people should share the success of our clients and our business  

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