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Acies is multi-national firm comprising businesses that focus on providing advisory and implementation services, technology applications and platforms, content and learning and development solutions, and strategic investments.

Acies’ vision is to provide practical and tangible outcomes to support institutions and industries through businesses rooted on using next-generation technologies and tools to innovate, implement, skill and scale businesses to support growth and sustainability.

The firm is headquartered in India and has global offices and entities based in APAC (Singapore and Malaysia), Middle East and Africa (Mauritius) and the Americas (USA) respectively.  

Acies TechWorks

Acies TechWorks, a division of Acies, focuses on building innovative state-of-the-art platforms and applications to meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations. Acies TechWorks has built and owns the intellectual property to multiple platforms and applications catering the financial services industry. Acies TechWorks’ next-generation no-code platform is built to power the next wave of enterprise grade applications.

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Acies Consulting

Acies Consulting, a division of Acies, focuses on providing advisory and implementation services from our five different competencies to financial institutions and corporates. Our competencies are rooted on using innovative approaches powered by technology to solve the business objectives of our clients. 

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Acies LightHouse

Acies LightHouse, a division of Acies, focuses on providing insightful content and learning and development solutions to help re-skill the work-force or re-scale operations of our financial services and corporate clients. Our content and learning solutions are accessible through our omni-channel delivery platforms rooted through the use of next-generation learning technologies.

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Acies Ventures

Acies Ventures, a division of Acies, focuses on supporting the growth of new-age companies and laser-focused entrepreneurs through equity or debt investments and strategic partnerships, that look to use technology as a means to bring in positive change at the market infrastructure or be a mutualized source for driving efficiency in the industry. 

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Global Headquarters

Acies is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Our global HQ address is:

7th Floor, Tower A, Urmi Estate, 95, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (West), Mumbai 400 013, Maharashtra, India                                                                                                                                

Global Offices

Acies has its global offices and entities based in APAC (Singapore and Malaysia), Middle East and Africa (Mauritius) and the Americas (USA). 

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