The future of data-driven intelligence ( article)

The future of data management will make multiple engagements of people and processes redundant and dramatically reduce the stress for the end-user.

As organizations seek to make sense of the plethora of data  from rapid digitization and automation, business intelligence continues to be elusive

With no-code platforms,  there is a need for a change in the mindset by which SDLC processes are run

A discussion between Muzammil Patel and APAC News Network on Acies and our no-code mission

In this article, we delve deep into specific aspects of IRCC such as market conventions, and discounting practices.

No-code platforms are opening the doors to innovation on operational efficiency for financial institutions

It is easy to confuse the two or consider them synonymous - but the short answer is no, they are not similar or the same

At the height of the pandemic, the fiscal and monetary authorities of India announced a slew of measures to help those impacted. 

Enterprises need to cross certain bridges before widely adopting no-code in their digital transformation program

Not understanding this difference can entirely derail the digital transformation journey

A coverage on views and insights on no-code platforms by luminaries which included Muzammil Patel

No-code development platforms are likely to play a significant role in digital transformation initiatives relating to customer engagement and employee engagement & productivity

In conversation with Muzammil Patel (Techgraph no-code article)

The possible setbacks that are faced by the entities transitioning to no-code platform and how to address them

Using no-code platforms, non-technical founders can demonstrate their idea as a tangible product

No-code platforms eliminate the wastage caused by both long procurement/ implementation cycles

Core elements of IRCC that are used in construction of different type of IR curves 

Though the Bilateral Netting regulations should have helped banks release capital, this has not happened

No-code platforms give traditional players an opportunity to participate in this rapid transition.

No-code platforms today are a practical and cost-effective alternative for organizations today  in refocusing on the market need

Generating pay back from your analytics investments

To be able to make your investments into analytics payback, it is important to re-look and re-imagine the strategy.

Rise of no-code platforms in the enterprise space (CNBC-TV18 article)

A no-code revolution is no longer an option but an inevitable progression that all enterprises have to adapt to.

Data at the core of Digital Transformation in Vietnam: The importance of a Data Framework

Vietnamese banks are embarking on a digital revolution. The key to such a revolution is of course - Data.

No-code and the financial services opportunity
(Silicon India Start Up City article)

No-code platforms allow financial institutions to move to a path of optimized innovation.

No-code platforms and the future of enterprise technology
(Express Computer article) 

CIOs have to start making the transition to no-code quickly and course correct along the way.

A digital first strategy demands a 'No-code' approach

The writing on the wall is clear. The new kid on the block is no code platforms and it is here to stay.

When no code must mean 'no-code'

A number of applications have laid claim to the title of no-code. Are they? What really qualifies as a no-code solution?

Balance sheet management for banks: A primer (Part 2)

Commercial banks even where they operate of a single balance sheet have been dis-aggregated into the different kinds of banks.

Balance sheet management for banks: A primer (Part 1)

Balance sheet management for banks was relatively simple - raise money through deposits, mark up and lend onwards. But all that changed.

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