More than a job. It's our mission to surmount the impossible.

Highly efficient and enthusiastic is how we describe our team

Making a positive impact by developing tangible sustainable solutions using cutting edge technology is what we strive for

Our mission

We solve challenges through practical innovation rooted in the use of new technologies

Our commitment

We believe in building a diverse community of talented and mission-focused individuals. 

Your benefits

Exposure to new technologies and approaches - an ownership mindset in everything you do. 

Building our next-generation and mission-focused talent

We are an equal employment opportunity employer 

Shaping new perspectives through a unique blend of fresh talent and experience

Diverse expertise covering technology, quants, business and creative arts

Breaking barriers by engaging talent before graduation

Shaping careers through our unique internship programs

Only merit and performance drives growth in Acies

Your benefits

Centered on growth and opportunity

A platform to help build and grow your career and everything around it

Career path

Performance focused and opportunity driven


An entrepreneurial mindset in everything you do

Wide exposure

Opportunities to work with our global clients

Learn and apply

Learn new methods and see its practical use in the real world

Technology access

Access and build on new-age technologies


Work shoulder to shoulder with the leadership team

Current job opportunities

Apply and join our mission towards solving problems through practical innovation

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Career application

Frequently asked questions

Read through the following answers to help you know more about our culture and our expectations from you when you apply for a job

Our culture

We believe that being mission-focused towards solving challenges, not just for our clients, both also within our firm and businesses, gives meaning to our job and the way we work.

It starts with the belief that being accepting of difficult challenges, having the right attitude, and perseverance towards overcoming obstacles along the way gets us the answers we are seeking. 

We believe that demonstrating ownership in whatever we do helps in bringing out our true potential. It helps a person get recognized as an expert, a solution provider and most importantly, a leader.

We believe that the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts - collaborating with other team members, stakeholders and our ecosystem helps in meeting specific objectives, enriching output and exceeding expectations. 

We believe career growth, regardless of a person's experience or educational background, is purely based on performance and merit. 

We encourage our team members to always build their competencies beyond their existing proficiency.

Finding the right role 

We offer various positions ranging from entry-level to senior-level positions. Every job opportunity describes the role offered, the expected experience required for that role and the skills required for considering your fitment.

Usually, our internship programs only offer part-time positions for individuals studying in universities and colleges. Most of our positions are full-time. You can refer to the specific job opening either on our website or on LinkedIn to know if the position we offer is on a full-time basis or part-time.

Our selection is purely based on a fitment for the role. The selection process is not a judgement of a person's skill or ability but an evaluation of whether the role will prove enriching for the person and the organization or not. If you are not selected for a role, you can apply for another role if you believe it will prove a better fit for you.

If you are not selected for a role, you can re-apply in 6 months for the same role, if available, if you believe that you have acquired additional skills or certifications in the interim that create better fit for the role on offer.

Our team members work with our business and product leaders where flexible working arrangements are evaluated on a case to case basis. If flexi-work is a must for you, please be sure to mention it at the time of your application and also during your interview for the proposed role.

We offer internships to undergraduate and post-graduate students as part of some of our tailored internship programs. Be sure to stay updated on the launch of different internship programs either from our website or on our LinkedIn Company Page. 

Apply for jobs as you normally do - our job posts do provide the city/ country of work for that role. If we contact you, do let us know about your relocation requirements - we will let you know where we can support you for your relocation.

Applying for a job

You are encouraged to apply for a job through LinkedIn. You may alternatively write to us at and send us your resume and a write up on the role you seek with us.

You can apply for multiple jobs at Acies. However, please note that multiple applications may not be processed at the same time and your will receive different communications from our team at different points of time.

Yes - you are eligible to re-apply for another job at Acies if you haven't been considered for a previously applied job opportunity. 

Our application process typically occurs in 3-4 stages:

  • Aptitude test - Multiple choice test to evaluate your analytical ability, knowledge on fundamentals, behavioral assessment and other technical or practical knowledge areas.

  • Case study with presentation - A brief will be provided to that replicates a real-world situation. The case study will also require to prepare your write-up either as an individual written solution or a presentation. You will present your write-up/ presentation to a panel of Acies leaders.

  • Personal interviews - Approximately 2-3 rounds of interviews that may include questions around your case study presentation, technical concepts, fitment to the role and also about your career plan.

At the time of your interview, you will be briefed on the time it will take before a hiring decision will be made. At any time during your application process, should you wish to know about the status of your application, please write to us at

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