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The Acies Alliance Partner Program

Resell Acies
products and solutions
Provide managed services to your clients using our products
Implement our software and solutions

What is the Acies Alliance Partner Program?

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Engage and innovate
Engage and innovate

Our program helps create a broad ecosystem for alliance partners to engage and innovate on Acies' technologies - to create disruptive solutions for your clients

Managed environment
A managed environment

Our alliance partners can create intellectual property on our platforms to monetize their expertise and knowledge without creating a large IT organization

Benefits from our program

Earn direct services revenue

By providing managed services to our clients

Earn implementation services revenue

Through implementation of our applications

Earn commissions and incentives

By reselling our software and solutions

Build, skill, scale and earn revenue

By partnering with us to deliver innovative products

Who can enrol to our program?

Services firms

Managed services providers

System integrators

Technology and software resellers

Independent software vendors

How do we enable you through this program?

We support our alliance partners by equipping them with the necessary tools, resources, trainings, and even capital to successfully create value for clients


Get trained on our software and solutions

Our technology products

Use our software and platforms for internal use or building POCs

Access to funding

Access to capital for building innovative solutions

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