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Announcement 2023 / November

Announcing the change in our legal entity name to Acies LLP

It is our pleasure to announce the change of our firm's name from Acies Consulting LLP to Acies LLP.

Our change in name reflects our range of capabilities and technology that has put us at the forefront of practical innovation, and  our vision of democratizing technology for all. 

The Acies brand represents our four business verticals: Acies TechWorks, Acies Consulting, Acies LightHouse and Acies Ventures"Together, our business verticals will continue to bring together our intellectual property, solutions, capabilities, capital, and capacity to help our clients and ecosystem to succeed.” says Muzammil Patel, CEO at Acies.

He adds, We value our business relationships we have shared over the years and thank our clients and stakeholders for being part of our growth journey.”

About Acies
Acies is a multi-national firm comprising businesses focused on providing technology applications and platforms, consulting, content and learning and development solutions, and strategic investments. implement, skill and scale businesses to support growth and sustainability.

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