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Announcement 2021 / September

Acies and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park partner to help develop the start-up ecosystem

Acies Consulting Pte Ltd and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (‘IIMCIP’) have agreed to work together to help develop the start-up ecosystem. Under this agreement, Acies and IIMCIP will collaborate to support a vibrant ecosystem to foster entrepreneurship in the social enterprises space. Acies will, through its Ventures-Revolutio program, support start-ups incubated by IIMCIP by providing them access to cutting edge technology and funding. Acies’ no code platform Revolutio will help entrepreneurs rapidly build and deploy software and solutions to scale social enterprise.

Through this collaboration, Acies will provide a sandbox for entrepreneurs and start-ups to test, build and scale technology solutions using Revolutio. The collaboration will also enable start-ups incubated by IIMCIP to access learning content from Acies LightHouse and receive ongoing support for building applications on Revolutio. Start-ups achieving scale will also be get priority for funding by Acies Ventures.

Speaking about this collaboration, Abhinava Bajpai, Head – Acies TechWorks remarked, “We are excited to explore new prospects and new possibilities for enhancement in social enterprises using Revolutio. Revolutio brings a plethora of opportunities for young entrepreneurs seeking to pursue their dreams and making a positive impact on their communities and society.

Mr. HK Borah, Chief Investment Officer at IIMCIP adds, “At IIMCIP, we always seek to bring forth the best opportunities for our entrepreneurs as they endeavor to build and scale social enterprises. This collaboration with Acies will help our entrepreneurs rapidly scale from idea to enterprise.

About IIM Calcutta Innovation Park

IIMCIP formed under the aegis of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, its activities include entrepreneurship ecosystem development, business incubation, nurturing innovation and promoting entrepreneurship. The focus of IIMCIP is on sectors that have high social and economic impact. It has established itself as thought leader in the social entrepreneurship domain in India.

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About Acies
Acies is a multi-national firm comprising businesses focused on providing technology applications and platforms, consulting, content and learning and development solutions, and strategic investments. implement, skill and scale businesses to support growth and sustainability.

Acies TechWorks has developed a cutting-edge no-code platform - Revolutio. Revolutio help start-ups and enterprises build applications for internal use as well as for commercial purposes. Under its Ventures-Revolutio program, Acies provides Revolutio to start-ups to build their technology products and solutions. The focus of the program is to help early-stage start-ups realize their potential without incurring significant cash burn on technology.

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