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One platform.

Data Management 

Configure and modify database structures and underlying data attributes right from the front end. Build data relationships and complex data models can be easily done visually through a drag and drop interface.


Live/ batch integration with other systemsBuild and manage data relationship 
Extract, transform and load operationsIn-memory database 
Data pipelining/ scheduling/ cleansingData reconciliation/ validation/ back-filing
Meta data management 
Data refresh by incremental/ element change


Build complex data, statistical, machine learning and image processing models from the front end to create intelligent, high-speed, compute heavy applications.

No-code computation studio

Pre-built libraries of functions and models Comprehensive suite of cash flow, valuation and risk models
Front-end configurable machine learning modelsConfigure statistical models without coding 
Cross-platform integration of existing models Stateless compute

Business Process Automation

Visually build your workflows for each business process and connect to any module built in your application. Select any part of the workflow to apply role based-accesses, approval workflows, alerts and notifications

No Code Business & Process Model Manager

Create and manage multiple applicationsDeploy applications seamlessly
Pre-built repository of input forms to choose fromAdapt processes quickly as business models change
Flow chart visual based workflow creationConfigure data capture forms and field-level validations
Add processes to application to your business modelConfigure conditions for alternate process flows
Flow chart visual based workflow creationAdapt processes quickly as business models change
Modify processes as on-ground operations changeLink activities in processes with business performance and risk metrics


Use our vast repository of visualization elements along with slicers and filters to create dashboards for your data. You can even define the output format to view, download, schedule and distribute your visual reports.

No code Reporting and Visualization

Large repository of pre-build visualization availableDrill-down and drill through functionalities across data sets
Machine learning backed insights on data
Ability to configure visuals and dashboards without coding

Dashboard and report distribution frameworkUser-specific data accesses and configurations
Configure and save reports from the front end
Reporting across data structure within and across applications
Perform complex querying of reports through SQL or other query languages
Report distribution framework

Project Management

Create schedules, tasks, activities and budgets for your projects. You can even define responsibilities, activity tracking modes and metrics to monitor progress, performance and risks.

Project Management

Integrated project monitoring and schedulingForums for sharing practices and interactions
Tracking of shared workspaces of components for multiple peopleTask level budgeting and cost management
Time and expense management
Business performance and risk metric monitoring
Integration with business model
Allocate tasks to internal and external members

...with advanced features including...

Revolutio portals

API manager

Cloud  extensibility

Image processing

Identity & Access Mgt.

Audit logging

Machine learning


More powerful than traditional
low-code/ no-code platforms...

Traditional platformsREVOLUTIO
Only addresses business process automation Holistic integration of business process automation, compute and data management 
Architected for process flows and not for heavy compute operations Architected for heavy compute with the flexibility to build statistical models without coding 
Require an external visualization layer for dashboarding and analysis Integrated reporting and visualization for decision support and performance management 
Focus on process digitization Complete digital transformation covering operating procedure digitization, performance management and customer experience enhancement 
Require technology architecting for supporting technology components Plug and play out of the box with no need to make technology architecture choices 
Typically provided on cloud Built and optimized to run on the cloud and on-premises 

and much more... 

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