Acies TIG Oman partnership
Announcement 2022 / November

Acies and TIG Oman announce strategic partnership to provide solutions to accelerate digitalization in Oman

Acies and Towers International Group Oman (TIG Oman) have entered into a strategic partnership to bring the best of Acies technology and solutions to institutions in Oman. The partnership will focus on accelerating digitalization across institutions in Oman using the Revolutio platform and software solutions built by Acies TechWorks. It will also bring the joint expertise of Acies and TIG Oman to provide consulting solutions to companies in Oman. Acies and TIG Oman will also focus on skill and scale building and empowering people and institutions through technology and financial literacy programs.

This collaboration is expected to help enterprises in Oman achieve their digital transformation goals. At the same time, the partnership will also focus on empowering individuals and small businesses to reap the benefits of technology democratization through Acies’ no-code platform Revolutio.

Speaking about this collaboration, Abhinava Bajpai, Acies TechWorks Leader, remarked, "This partnership furthers our vision of democratizing technology for all. We believe that with Towers International Group’s local expertise, we will be able to bring the best of our technology and knowledge to serve the institutions and people of Oman.” 

Mr. Ahmed Qadir Al Balushi, founder and owner of TIG Oman adds, “At TIG Oman, we have always looked for bringing the best of solutions to the region. We seek to enable institutions in the region to adopt and implement leading business and technology practices to meet theirs and their customers evolving needs. This collaboration with Acies will help accelerate digitalization in the region.”

For insurance clients, Acies provides end-to-end consulting services – including setting up risk management and accounting frameworks, and a derivatives system. The derivatives system, Kore considers transaction entries, daily mark-to-market updates, daily margining and, subsequently, ledger entries to be passed onto the accounting system. Finally, Acies’ solutions also help generate risk measures that must be submitted to regulators.

About Acies

Acies is focused on democratizing technology through its no-code platform Revolutio. Revolutio forms the backbone for multiple applications that Acies TechWorks has built in the domains of risk management, regulation, treasury, and finance. Acies Consulting focuses on delivering cutting edge technology enabled risk, regulatory and business transformation initiatives. Acies LightHouse helps clients bridge the technology literacy gap as tech stacks evolve at a rapid pace. Acies’ unique Ventures-Revolutio program partners with startups and entrepreneurs by providing them Acies’ no-code platform to build innovative solutions and business models.

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About Towers International Group Oman

Established in the year 1999, Towers International Group is one of the esteemed organizations engaged in offering banking and financial services. The Group continues to develop the range of activities and services to meet the modern needs of customers in Oman in order to contribute to the vision for SME developments, provide expertise through skilled resources to Banks and financial services and further provide training to young Omanis for financial services.

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