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Announcing the release of Revolutio - our next-generation no-code platform

Acies TechWorks has announced the release of its unified no code platform architected to develop applications for the enterprise and for enabling complex compute operations. The platform allows anyone with or without coding experience to build their enterprise-ready applications - covering architecting, data management, process automation, modelling, reporting, visualization and project management capabilities.

Revolutio ushers in the second generation of no-code platforms that provide a full stack plug and play experience with a wide range of pre-built integrations. Second generation no-code platforms do away with the need to architect components beyond the front-end technologies.

Revolutio is available to customers in South Asia, ASEAN, Middle East and Australia respectively. The platform is deployable both on cloud and on-premise instances making for easier adoption in regulated industries and zones not yet served by cloud providers. The no-code platform also comes with pre-built libraries for compute operations, templates for UI design and the latest in data management technologies.

Using Revolutio, organizations have a great opportunity to build their applications with much shorter lead times and much lower TCO. It also gives organizations an opportunity to reduce the cost of maintaining applications in areas that require frequent change like regulatory reporting, credit early warning systems, operating procedure digitization, risk and finance modelling and project management.

“Revolutio’s unique capabilities will take low-code/ no-code from a front-end use case only to full stack available applications. We are excited by the possibilities of building the next wave of enterprise applications that will be widely adopted across industries and domains.” says Abhinava Bajpai, Global Head of Acies TechWorks.

Rahul Murthi, Global Head of Acies Ventures adds, “Revolutio is uniquely positioned to enable people with domain expertise to build applications without the hassle of architecting, coding and worrying about IT infrastructure management. We will shortly extend this platform to new and existing entrepreneurs to enable them to achieve their vision without being hamstrung by technology.”

About Acies TechWorks
Acies TechWorks, a division of Acies, focuses on building innovative state-of-the-art platforms and applications to meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations. Acies TechWorks has built and owns the intellectual property to multiple platforms and applications catering the financial services industry. Acies TechWorks’ next-generation no-code platform is built to power the next wave of enterprise grade applications.

About Acies
Acies is a multi-national firm comprising businesses that focus on providing advisory and implementation services, technology applications and platforms, content and learning and development solutions, and strategic investments.

Acies’ vision is to provide practical and tangible outcomes to support institutions and industries through businesses rooted on using next-generation technologies and tools to innovate, implement, skill and scale businesses to support growth and sustainability.

The firm is headquartered in India and has global offices and entities based in APAC (Singapore and Malaysia), Middle East and Africa (Mauritius) and the Americas (USA) respectively.

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