Hiring Days

Fast track recruitment for select competencies

Current hiring opportunities

Same-day hiring for select competencies


We understand that recruitment can be a long tedious process.

For select competencies, we have shortened the time taken to complete the process to 1 day so that you can have your offer letter in a day if selected. 

The intent of hiring days is not the relax the high standard of recruitment we set in any way.

It is intended to finish the process in one(1) day so that you can have the results of your application quickly.

Hiring Days are typically conducted at one of our office locations. We expect shortlisted candidates to visit our office locations to complete the process.

Depending on the roles, Hiring Days may also be conducted remotely. Even in such cases, the hiring process will be completed within a day.

No, Hiring Days are not a walk-in interview. You will be required to apply through the relevant link so that the required pre-screening can be done.

We encourage our team members to always build their competencies beyond their existing proficiency.

Our Careers Team will give you the option to select your preferences for Department or Business Unit during the process.

Make sure to select the Business Unit correctly. If you do not have a preference beyond one Business Unit, please make sure not to select any order of preference other than the first preference.

The offer is made for a specific Business Unit only.

No. Hiring by a Business Unit is dependent on specific business requirements.

In the absence of such business requirements, a Business Unit will not be able to accommodate such a request for change.

Movements between Departments or Business Units depends on requirements of a specific Business Unit at that time. Any movements also require the entire Hiring Process to be done again for that role.

Yes, you will get the offer letter the same day.


The idea of Hiring Days is to enable the process to be completed on the same day in all respects.

Please feel free to ask the interviewers about the role to get clarity on the same.

Please speak to our Careers Team representative and feel free to clarify any doubts.

We encourage people to re-apply for other roles. Our selection process is role specific and if someone does not qualify for one role, it does not preclude them from other roles.

For the same role, however, we expect a gap of 6 months before re-applying.

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