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Announcement 2021 / April

Acies launches Funding & Tech Development Program for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Acies, a leading multi-national firm in the technology and advisory space, today announced the launch of a special initiative aimed at supporting budding entrepreneurs and start-ups that face technological, management or capital constraints. Through this initiative, Acies, led by its ventures business will provide access to capital for funding business growth, professional guidance, and support from the Acies leadership and usage rights to their no-code platform Revolutio for building their technology product or service. This initiative will be called the Acies Ventures-Revolutio program.

Developed by Acies Techworks, Revolutio is a unique and unified no-code application that enables any individual, group, or even existing start-up to build or enhance their applications without the hassle of coding. Revolutio is architected to develop applications for the enterprise and for enabling complex computer operations. The platform allows anyone with or without coding experience to build their enterprise-ready applications – covering architecting, data management, process automation, modelling, reporting, visualization and project management capabilities.

Announcing this initiative, Mr. Rahul Murthi, Global Head of Acies Ventures said, “We have seen a lot of bright ideas and promising start-ups failing to succeed due to various challenges such as technology development, hiring the right people, partnering with the right investors, timing their entry in marketplaces or even sustaining their revenue streams generated by their products or services.

Over the past year, from our conversations with various budding entrepreneurs and start-ups, we realized that the common ask from them is to help them build the right technology stack with less dependency on outsourced technology experts – which is precisely what Revolutio will achieve for them” he added further.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Muzammil Patel, Global Head Strategy and Corporate Finance at Acies said, “Revolutio bridges the gap for a lot of individuals and businesses that know what is required for the technology-enabled product or service to serve the key need of the marketplace but never see it become a reality due to lack of technology or coding know-how. With this program, entrepreneurs and start-ups get access to using this platform to build their application their way.

Through the Acies Ventures-Revolutio program, any individual, group, or even existing start-ups can use this to build or enhance their applications without the hassle of coding. They can also get access to capital for funding their business growth through the help of Acies Ventures and obtain professional guidance and hand-holding support from the Acies Consulting leaders. Acies Consulting leaders will support them in a variety of ways – ranging from setting up their enterprise, scaling operations by hiring executive management and other professionals, structuring market-entry, and business development strategies for positioning their product or service into different marketplaces.

Access to this program is open to anyone around the globe – interested individuals or start-ups may send their application by filling the details in the form available here

About Acies Ventures 
Acies Ventures, a division of Acies, focuses on supporting the growth of new-age companies and laser-focused entrepreneurs through equity or debt investments and strategic partnerships, that look to use technology as a means to bring in positive change at the market infrastructure or be a mutualized source for driving efficiency in the industry.

About Acies
Acies is a multi-national firm comprising businesses that focus on providing advisory and implementation services, technology applications and platforms, content and learning and development solutions, and strategic investments.

Acies’ vision is to provide practical and tangible outcomes to support institutions and industries through businesses rooted on using next-generation technologies and tools to innovate, implement, skill and scale businesses to support growth and sustainability.

The firm is headquartered in India and has global offices and entities based in APAC (Singapore and Malaysia), Middle East and Africa (Mauritius) and the Americas (USA) respectively.

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