Articles on 'Risk and finance'

Interest rate curve construction (IRCC) - Part 2: Specific aspects of IRCC

We delve deep into specific aspects of IRCC such as market conventions, types of basis adjusted forward rate generation and discounting practices.

Intelligent credit early warning signals (CNBC-TV18 article)

At the height of the pandemic, the fiscal and monetary authorities of India announced a slew of measures to help those impacted. 

Interest rate curve construction (IRCC)

Core elements of IRCC that are used in construction of different type of IR curves

The rocky road to capital release through bilateral netting (Hindu Business Line article)

Though the Bilateral Netting regulations should have helped banks release capital, this has not happened

Balance sheet management for banks: A primer (Part 2)

Commercial banks even where they operate of a single balance sheet have been dis-aggregated into the different kinds of banks.

Balance sheet management for banks: A primer (Part 1)

Balance sheet management for banks was relatively simple - raise money through deposits, mark up and lend onwards. But all that changed.

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