Regulatory Reporting

Accurate and efficient regulatory reporting through no-code data management, high-speed analytics and visualizations 

Typical issues faced by financial institutions in meeting regulatory reporting requirements 

Considerable time in gathering and consolidating data originating from multiple sources

High use of bespoke apps and over reliance on technical teams on changing data transformation logics for every new data analysis

Manual adjustments leading to breakages and lack of sanctity and exposing one to frequent errors in the data outputs

Inability to perform comprehensive checks due to disjointed pipelines and siloed ingestions

Simplifying Regulatory Reporting powered by Revolutio's No-Code Data Management & High-Speed Analytics 


Flexible and On-Demand Data Management 

Revolutio's data management studio allows for flexible and on-demand data management through its no-code, GUI-based interface. Users can manage data tables on-the-fly and create data relationships dynamically, without the need for traditional ETL tools or API managers.

Revolutio's data management studio enables row-level access and security management, providing a high level of control over data access and ensuring data privacy.

To ensure data quality, Revolutio offers pre-built data validation frameworks that allow users to set up custom rules and checks to validate data as it is entered into the system.

Revolutio's rule-based intelligent data cleansing helps ensure data quality by identifying and cleaning up data errors and inconsistencies. This helps improve data accuracy and reduces the risk of errors in downstream analytics and reporting.


Simplified Data Pipelining

Revolutio offers end-to-end data management capabilities that cover the entire data lifecycle, from ingestion to reporting. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and platforms, simplifying the overall data management process.

With its no-code platform, Revolutio provides a user-friendly interface that empowers business users to manage data without requiring specialized technical skills. This streamlines the data management process and reduces reliance on IT support.

Revolutio centralizes data control, enabling users to manage data tables, ensure data quality, and make data transformations easily. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures data consistency across the organization.

Revolutio offers pre-built data validation frameworks and intelligent data cleansing capabilities that automate the data validation process. This ensures data quality and reduces the time and effort required for manual data validation.


Actionable Intelligence with No-Code Modeling

With Revolutio, users can configure statistical models without writing a single line of code, enabling business users to create models quickly and easily.

Revolutio integrates seamlessly with existing models, regardless of the platform they were built on, and allows users to connect to external data sources to extract data and write outputs.

Revolutio provides extensive pre-built libraries of functions and models, including cashflow, valuation, risk, statistical, and machine learning models, allowing users to leverage proven models and accelerate their analysis.

Revolutio's algorithms are optimized for performance and use lower-level languages to make compute faster, providing users with quick and accurate insights.


Meaningful Insights with Smart and Interactive Visualizations

Revolutio offers over 70 pre-built visualizations, enabling users to create visual representations of their data quickly and easily.

Revolutio's machine learning algorithms provide insights into data patterns and trends, helping users to make informed business decisions.

Users can configure dashboards and visuals without coding, allowing them to create a personalized and intuitive view of their data.

Revolutio's drill-down and drill-through functionalities enable users to explore their data in greater detail, while report distribution frameworks make it easy to share insights with team members and stakeholders.

Revolutionize your Regulatory Reporting with Revolutio.

Empowers Business Users

Revolutio empowers users to control the full regulatory reporting cycle, eliminating the need for central data warehouses and reducing licensing and administration costs.

Fast Automation Go-Live

Revolutio enables fast automation go-live for reports in less than 10 days, reducing time to go-live and making traditional development activities redundant. 

Configurable Workflows

With user-driven and configurable workflows, Revolutio increases confidence in data accuracy, ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing the risk of errors.

End-to-End Analytics

Revolutio delivers end-to-end regulatory reporting functionalities in one platform, streamlining the process and providing users with full control over data flow and transformations.

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