Pre-architected components of Revolutio

Revolutio has numerous pre-architected components. Some of these are visible to the end user. However, many of these exist and run in the background to allow the resident developers and end-users to have a seamless experience. All these components work together harmoniously to bring an unparalleled experience to the fore.


Data Management Studio

Control your data... Your way...

Revolutio's Data Management Studio helps you to create and modify your table structure dynamically.

With dynamic table capabilities, you don’t need to worry about the correct data structures or data models on our platform. You can update your data structures as you keep adding new applications or features to your existing applications.

Here are some additional features available in the Data Management Studio:

  • Create relationships between table elements
  • Create unlimited data hierarchies and manage row level security
  • Source data from any database without worrying about ETL
  • Integrate data via streaming/ SFTP /scheduled batch runs
  • Add validation checks and correct data on-screen directly
  • Manage both structured and unstructured data easily

Computation Studio

Complex calculations...made visually...

Revolutio's Computation Studio replaces the need to write thousands of lines of code for functions, code for calling the back end or code for rendering the computation to a front-end screen.

The Computation Studio allows you to drag and drop compute functions and removes the need for function debugging and code optimization at every step of the process.

Here are some additional features available in the Computation Studio:

  • Pre-built library of over 50 mathematical/ statistical models
  • Access ready-made machine learning and image processing models
  • Build your own function with our Python Script Editor
  • Run unlimited scenarios and simulations by modifying variables
  • Preview your computation results at every calculation step 
  • Optimized for high-speed parallel compute 

Cash flow and valuation libraries

Ready made for financial markets

Revolutio’s in-built cash flow generation and valuation libraries replace the need for traditional pricing tools, statistical engines and other valuation systems.

The ever expanding library allows players in financial markets to innovate, pricing, structure and value financial instruments by just dragging and dropping functions.

Here are ways in which our pre-built libraries can be used by our users:

  • Financial instrument pricing
  • Valuation of financial instruments
  • Asset liability management
  • Stress testing of portfolios
  • Scenario and simulation analysis
  • Hedge accounting

Mathematical and statistical libraries

Taking care of your complex models

Revolutio’s in-built mathematical and statistical libraries replace the need for traditional spreadsheet based model dependency for performing complex analyses.

The libraries can be used on stand-alone basis or in conjunction with other computation studio elements to create complex compute functions, build models at scale and deploy models without the need to code.

Here is a snapshot of our vast range of models available in our libraries:

  • Forecasting models
  • Time series models
  • Regression models
  • Hypothesis testing and other statistical measures
Risk Measures

Risk measures

Need a risk system? Not anymore!

Risk measures in Revolutio replace traditional clunky and costly risk systems that barely make the regulatory cut. Our platform ushers in a new era of pre-deal risk management and on-demand decision support not seen in existing technology.

The pre-built and ever-expanding library of risk measures in Revolutio provides high quality, high speed compute and output that is transparent, free of code, configurable and most importantly auditable and open toe validation by regulators.

  • Millions of lines of code written to build and integrate these models with existing systems and yet the measures are provided at a typical delay on 24 hours.
  • Revolutio allows for instant generation of risk measures by simply selecting them from the library. These are pre-architected and pre-integrated so that you can start using them in the manner you want.

Cognitive services

AI/ ML at your fingertips

The world of technology has been captivated by the unlimited possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Even though machine learning models are largely democratized, the inability to have pre-created models and use cases has made it difficult for the technology to proliferate at scale and at low cost. 

Cognitive services in Revolutio allow for large scale adoption of machine learning, image processing and natural language processing without expensive services having to be procured.

  • Revolutio’s pre-built libraries of machine learning models, image processing capabilities and natural language processing engines allow the end-user to directly apply the component to the intended use. The high degree of configurability allows for calibration and fine tuning models without writing any code. 

API manager

Your key to unlocking data integrated

In the world of APIs, integrating with multiple systems has become a full-time competency.

The world of APIs should not be complicated and should not be a prohibitive overhead. Revolutio removes the barriers and complexities of API integration and allows for no-code front end integration with a few clicks.

  • Revolutio removes the complexities and processes involved in API integration by simply letting you select your API, key in your authentication credentials and get connected.
  • Revolutio comes pre-built with numerous connectors that let you connect to popular APIs at the click of a button.

Process canvas

Convert flowcharts into workflows

Imagine a world where you draw out process flow-charts and it gets converted into process flows in the application.

Revolutio’s process canvas replaces the need for age-old business process management tools that worked like quasi-case management systems. The process canvas also allows for flow-charting in Revolutio to help high-quality documentation of processes and controls.

  • Revolutio’s process canvas provides exactly this ability. It lets you design the multitude of workflows, scenarios, conditions and outcomes through drag and drop flow-charting elements.
  • The whole design and architecting of system flows is brought down to a simple, configurable and visual interface. You can configure process flow conditions, schedules, alerts, e-mailers and many other elements of a process flow without coding
UX designer

User experience manager

Your app... Your design...

Imagine a world where you draw out process flow-charts and it gets converted into process flows in the application.

Revolutio’s process canvas replaces the need for age-old business process management tools that worked like quasi-case management systems. The process canvas also allows for flow-charting in Revolutio to help high-quality documentation of processes and controls.

  • Revolutio’s user experience manager allows designing and styling of everything from fonts to backgrounds and everything in between. The widget framework allows you to design the visual setup, navigation and user journey without worrying about the difficulties of dealing with markup languages. 
Revolutio Portals

Revolutio Portals

Manage UX and back-end data with ease

Revolutio portals is a content management system that forms an integral part of Revolutio. Revolutio portals allows you to design web-pages and mange content across webpages both with and without user authentication.

Revolutio Portals upgrades content management systems to a new level by removing integration hassles between portals and applications. 

  • Revolutio portals also enables direct integration between the web portals and the application layer. This enables seamless deployment of user portals and front-ends within and outside and organization.

Reporting Manager

Data converted into information in a few clicks

Revolutio reporting manager allows you to build reports and pivot data at will to create intuitive, user friendly reports at the click of a button.

The reporting manager enables on-the-fly report development, distribution and scheduling and replaces the need a separate reporting layer on existing applications. 

  • Coupled with he business intelligence layer, Revolutio reporting manager helps creates reports that can be created and distributed on a scheduler.
  • Revolutio reporting manager combines the simplicity of spreadsheet-based pivoting with the stability of an enterprise grade application.

Business intelligence

Visual insights for effective decision-making

Revolutio Business Intelligence integrates the power of analytics, cognitive intelligence and visualization into your no-code applications.

The pre-architected integration with your applications eliminates the hassles of data management, complex and at times untraceable scripts written to get business intelligence outputs.

Our BI capabilities sets new standards in what is possible by combining the power of flexible data management, high speed compute and visualization.

  • The business intelligence layer of Revolutio allows for dashboarding and visualization covering creation, distribution and user interaction.
  • When used in conjunction with the data management studio and computation studio, Revolutio Business Intelligence is a powerful data analytics and cognitive intelligence tool.



Automating routine tasks and communications

Revolutio schedulers are designed to improve efficiency, generate alerts and allow humans to engage with the application only on an exception basis. The applications built on Revolutio can run by themselves and attain their designated purpose without engaging time and costly resources. 

Revolutio’s schedulers allow for complex tasks to run on a schedule thereby elimination the need for manual interventions across the applications you build.

  • Revolutio schedulers are the equivalent of building robotic process automation within a no-code platform. With scheduled processes running without intervention, you can go from automation to minimalistic human interface with the application.
Identity and access management

Identity and access management

Aligning with your info-sec policies

Identity and access management in Revolutio is designed to give end-users and resident developers the ability to control access at the most granular level without worrying about integration or writing scripts.

Revolutio comes with an in-built identity and access management systems that allows you to mange user permissions, groups and data-level accesses. 

  • The flexibility and intricacy of access management allows you to control access to every element in every screen of the applications you create. Revolutio integrates easily with Active Directory providing a single sign-on experience across enterprise applications.

Audit trail

Track your application usage and data

Audit trail features in Revolutio are designed for both enterprise-grade security as well as capturing user actions to analyze and improve the user experience.

Revolutio’s audit trail management is designed to ensure both control and flexibility in applications. Every action whether a database impacting action, or a process related action is logged for control, analysis and insights. 

  • More importantly, Revolutio allows users the ability to change data for analysis including making changes effective from and to specific date ranges. All this flexibility can be undertaken without replacing the underlying original data thereby giving information security teams comfort while retaining user flexibility.

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