The power of analytics unleashed like never before

Pre-architected data analytics platform covering data management, compute and visualization

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If you are considering large investments in yet another data management project and need piecemeal architecting to enable data ingestion, in-memory storage, stream analytics, creation of data models, analytics data store, AI and ML model platform and a visualization layer, you are most likely spending 5 times what you should.

RevolutioBI provides you with the following benefits:

  • Pre-architected - no need to stitch individual components 
  • Entirely no-code and built on our proprietary Revolutio platform
  • Plug-and-play on-premises or cloud deployment
  • Actualize your enterprise-wide data analytics platform in days

Make your data work for you

Get your data from various sources - RevolutioBI will do the rest for you

RevolutioBI SOURCE

Data Management Studio

RevolutioBI's Data Management Studio replaces traditional ETL tools, master data management platforms, API managers and data streaming technologies by allowing for no-code visual interface based data management.

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Computation Studio

RevolutioBI's Computation Studio removes the need for re-writing scripts at the visualization layer and pre-integrates data, visualization and compute. Most importantly, this eliminates the need to spend on high-cost cloud compute services.

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RevolutioBI's Visualization Studio elevates the expectations of a visualization layer from fancy charts to high-speed, on-demand, predictive analytics and decision making coupled with high-speed response to triggers.

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