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FAQs on RevolutioBI 

RevolutioBI is an integrated and pre-architected data analytics platform covering data management, compute and visualization.

RevolutioBI is built on Revolutio. Revolutio is an integrated no-code platform enabling creation of enterprise-grade applications. RevolutioBI is a pre-architected plug and play full-service analytics platform.

In case you already have Revolutio, RevolutioBI is an integral component and does not need to be procured separately. RevolutioBI additionally has pre-built functions and libraries that enable drag and drop computation. These libraries may not come pre-packaged with Revolutio or RevolutioBI depending on your pricing plan. Please contact us for more details in case you have any questions. 

The RevolutioBI platform comprises three core components - Data Management Studio, Computation Studio and Visualization

  1. Data Management Studio - Data management is a single layer for data ingestion, data cleansing, data validation, streaming and consumption of data through APIs. Data management in RevolutioBI also enables dynamic table structure creation, data relationship management and conversion of unstructured data into structured tables.

    RevolutioBI's Data Management Studio replaces traditional ETL tools, master data management platforms, API managers and data streaming technologies by allowing for no-code visual interface based data management.

  2. Computation Studio - Meaningful analytics requires high-speed data transformation. It also required mathematical and statistical operations to be performed at high speed. Revolutio BI allows for no-code computation. The vast library of mathematical, statistical, financial, machine learning, image processing and natural language processing functions can be used through a visual drag and drop interface to create the most complex and sophisticated models without writing a single line of code. If you still feel the need to write custom functions, RevolutioBI computation studio allows you to write, save, templatize and reuse functions using simple Python syntax and with zero-integration utilization of a wide range of Python libraries.

    RevolutioBI's Computation Studio functions are pre-optimized for parallel processing, memory usage and low-level language compilation to provide high speed compute without stressing about hardware requirements.

    RevolutioBI Computation Studio removes the need for re-writing scripts at the visualization layer and pre-integrates data, visualization and compute. Most importantly, RevolutioBI Computation studio eliminates the need to spend on high-cost cloud compute services.

  3. Visualization - There is a plethora of visualization tools that can create fancy charts but cause massive headaches in industrializing any analytics implementation. Almost every visualization tool is just that, a tool that will rarely stack up for high-speed data analytics and decision making.

    RevolutioBI visualization layer is not just for creating visuals but an integrated visualization component that leverages the power of compute and data management deeply embedded in RevolutioBI. Needless to say, RevolutioBI visualization layer comes pre-packaged with a massive and ever-growing library of visuals. Charting functionalities do not just stop at visuals but cover everything including slicers, filters, cross-filtering, drill-through and interactive cross chart relationships.

    Consumption of RevolutioBI dashboards and visuals along with in-built alerting system, scheduling and automated trigger-based processing means that your can make your data analytics platform work for you and not the other way around.

    RevolutioBI's Visualization elevates the expectations of a visualization layer from fancy charts to high-speed, on-demand, predictive analytics and decision making coupled with high-speed response to triggers.

RevolutioBI provides a plethora of pre-built computational libraries that work within the Computation Studio to allow you to spend more time on generating accurate results than building logics and computations from scratch. 

Some of the RevolutioBI libraries and their purpose are as follows:

  1. Cash flows: Generating cash flows for financial instruments especially derivatives can be time-consuming and fraught with inaccuracies. RevolutioBI cash flow generation libraries are pre-built for cash flow generation for hundreds of instrument types and structures.

  2. Valuation: Valuation of financial instruments including derivatives and optionalities embedded in financial instruments requires complex and sometimes expensive pricing and valuation engines. RevolutioBI valuation libraries cover valuation of hundreds of instrument types. They also include a wide range of valuation, interest rate forecasting, optionality valuation and simulation models.

  3. Risk measurement: Measuring risk using value at risk models, sensitivity-based models and other simulation-based models has traditionally required separate complex systems. RevolutioBI risk measurement libraries let you fire up your risk analytics in minutes.

  4. Machine learning: RevolutioBI machine learning libraries put machine learning models at your fingertips without the need to scour libraries and engage in creating thousands of lines of code for integration, customization and building a UI.

Without integrated data management, compute and visualization, you are left architecting and integrating multiple components. This increases latency, causes multiple potential points of failure and increases implementation time. You may also need to integrate multiple components within each layer for additional speed or functionality e.g. API management or data streaming. All these piecemeal components increase cost of maintenance and ownership.

Yes, RevolutioBI is built on Revolutio. It is a no-code analytics platform.

FAQs on using RevolutioBI 

Traditional ETL processes involve writing of extraction scripts, creating and orchestrating pipelines that manage data transformation and writing the data to destination tables. The ETL process is undertaken in a separate tool or application.

RevolutioBI has pre-built connectors to a wide variety of databases, data sources and external feeds. RevolutioBI’s API manager allows for multiple APIs to be managed without writing any code. Data transformation and written in the computation studio through visual drag and drop functions. Pipeline are merely a visual connector based flow of pre-built functions. Extraction from and writing to multiple databases, files and other sources is as simple as selecting a source and defining the operation on-screen. 

Yes, you can stream data from multiple source simultaneously to RevolutioBI.

Yes, you can consumed data from multiple APIs simultaneously with RevolutioBI. RevolutioBI’s API manager allows you to setup and manage APIs without writing any code.

Yes, you can build your own models in RevolutioBI if you must. RevolutioBI comes with a large library of pre-built models. This means that most use cases will not require you to build any models.

You can use common Python libraries used for data transformation and analytics. You can also directly access, without any additional installation, Python libraries that you are used to using.

RevolutioBI is architected to work seamless on the cloud as well as on-premises environments. It is also architected to work on a hybrid model where you can keep the compute and visualization on the cloud but always retain your data in your database at your preferred location.

RevolutioBI has a large library of compute functions and models covering the following areas:

  • Mathematical functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Financial functions
  • Cash flow models
  • Valuation models
  • Risk models
  • Data transformation
  • Market data transformation
  • Machine learning models
  • Natural language processing models
  • Image processing models

For more details on specific models and functions within each category, contact us.

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