Antares Balance Sheet Management

Exceeding expectations and setting new benchmarks for the modern treasury, risk and finance functions

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Antares helps financial institutions monitor and control the revenue, cost and risk levers that impact profitability and return on equity. ALCOs and CXOs can simulate the impact of changing business, market and regulatory environments on risk & profitability metrics on a single platform.

Unified risk, profitability and decision-support platform

Planning and performance management

Multi-year budgeting and planning across run-off and projected financials with scenarios to assess impact of on profitability and ROE

Dissect revenue and cost drivers across data hierarchies to determine customer, product and business unit earnings, financials and return metrics

Out-of-the-box support for multiple fund transfer pricing methodologies including use of market linked benchmarks

Factor-based models for allocation of non-interest revenue and cost to the relevant profit and cost centers

FTP pooling methodologies to dissect balance sheets based on performance units and funding mix strategies


Liquidity and pricing

Powerful high-speed cash flow engine with the ability to define custom cash-flow models for a wide variety of products

Product library of cash flow models for standard and structured products including treasury instruments

Pre-built behavioral models for analyzing cash flow profiles of non-maturing or optionality embedded products

Pre-built, flexible and configurable bucketing reports for cash flow matching, gapping and funding strategies

Configurable product pricing models, incorporating premiums and surcharges to address regulatory requirements and product risk profile

Balance sheet control, leverage ratios and asset-liability pool level ratios to enable product and funding control

Pricing transmission and attribution of pricing variation across products, positions and customers


Risk management

Liquidity profiles and gap assessments, as required by over 30 regulators across the world

Intelligent EWI engine to provide liquidity earning warning

LCR, NSFR and leverage ratio reporting and projections with pre-built reporting formats across jurisdictions

Pre-emptive warnings and intelligence on contingency liquidity strategies

Interest rate sensitivity profiles, including NIM and EVE simulations for parallel and non-parallel shocks

Balance sheet simulations and impact on liquidity risk and IRRBB metrics for run-down, constant and dynamic projections

BCBS 368 compliance and reporting under standardized and IMM approaches 


The Antares difference


Results of cash flow generation, ad-hoc end-user configurable simulations available in minutes, not hours


Optimization engine to help re-balance portfolios, align with risk-return strategies, policies and regulatory limits


Time-sensitive decision support and analysis by unifying data across sources using the latest in data streaming technologies


Micro-services architecture enables deployment of specific modules to the existing platform without disrupting data relations and functionalities

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