Kepler Model Risk Management

Build and manage models with speed, agility and assurance like never before


Models have become an integral part of 
business decision-making process

Kepler MRM support model life cycle management across a wide range of areas

Credit origination and


Portfolio monitoring and

collateral management

Stressed asset




Investment strategy and


Market and credit risk

capital charge


stress testing

Predictive and

behavioural analysis

Model Governance

Adherence to model risk policy, validation standards and change management protocols

Model Development

Alignment of model objectives with statistical basis, variable set identification and parameter calibration

Model Monitoring

Estimating model health score, defining early warning indicators for model risk, model contingency planning and model risk reporting

Model Validation

Qualitative and quantitative validation along with data suitability analysis and validation

Kick start your model risk automation

Kepler MRM provides a unified environment for robust enterprise wide model management

Meeting regulatory expectations

Kepler MRM's model risk management framework is aligned to regulatory requirements and industry standards, including the Federal Reserve's SR 11-7, EU's TRIM and Basel guidelines.

Ready to use libraries

A large repository of workflows, dynamic checklists, statistical validation tests with computations and performance measures to use or to further customize to your requirements

On-demand analytics

Model health score and pending actions across all models available at the click of a button with the ability to trigger workflows, alerts and reports

Model benchmarks

Host challenger models for benchmarking model performance from a extensive library of pre-built models

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