Callisto ORM

Comprehensive operational risk management & control, with integrated analytics and visualizations

Maximize productivity and minimize risks with automated operational risk management

Comprehensive ORM automation

The application offers comprehensive ORM automation with risk and control management and assessment for RCSAs, KRIs, incident and loss reporting, and user configurable reports and dashboards.

Automated testing

Enabling automated control testing along with automated KRI computation and monitoring by connecting from different sources within and outside organization.

Unparalleled end-user configurability

Flexible no-code structure enables effortless user journey customization, empowering organizations to align their ORM workflows and make data-driven decisions. 

Empowering end-users with no-code analytics

Advanced analytics capabilities, allowing users to create custom models using the no-code Computation Studio and collaborate on reports, dashboards, and visualizations through an integrated BI tool.

Cost-effective solution

Optimizing resources by streamlining manual tasks and proactively identifying risks. Keeps pace with evolving business needs, eliminating the need for costly manual processes and helping organizations stay ahead of the curve in managing risks.

Customizable risk and control libraries

Ability to maintain standard risk and control libraries to be used across different processes and departments. These libraries are customizable by the end user directly from the front end.

Risk & control self-assessments (RCSAs)

The Automated Risk Control and Self-Assessment (RCSA) application streamlines the RCSA process through the use of risk registers and scoring methodology built in as per the organizations risk heat map.

Callisto ORM provides functionalities for automating control testing by utilizing underlying data from multiple sources within and outside the organization.

The application offers risk health dashboards and alerts for effective internal risk reporting.


Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

The Key Risk Indicator (KRI) module is designed to define and map KRIs to underlying risks.

Callisto ORM also enables no-code data validation checks for data being used for KRI computation. 

Callisto ORM offers KRI configuration for automated KRI monitoring through no-code Computation Studio, along with no-code data validation checks to ensure the accuracy of data used.

Callisto ORM includes KRI limit setting, ongoing monitoring, alerts, and approval workflows and hierarchies to be set for breach reporting and ratification.


Loss Data Management

Callisto ORM enables users to assign categorization to loss data events.

The application allows for multiple tagging of loss events to the underlying risk as well as other related parameters like processes and business units.

Callisto ORM allows tracking of losses and projections based on configurable statistical models.

Users can access dashboards and reports for loss data, including loss recovery estimations and future loss projections. 


Incident Case Management

Callisto ORM enables the logging of incidents, losses and near misses and then further allows for investigation assignment and root cause assessment.

Callisto ORM has the ability to link incidents to risks and processes, and incident categorization.

Users can define a remediation plan, assign owners for remediation, and view timelines for completion. 

Callisto ORM provides incident dashboards and reports, including ageing of pending and overdue cases, and other reporting and monitoring capabilities.


Streamline operational risk management with powerful automation and real-time insights.

Streamlined implementation and maintenance experience
  • Prepackaged components mean system go-live in 5 to 6 months
  • Hand-holding pilots for RCSAs & KRIs and admin / user trainings included as part of implementation
Best-in-class data management and regulatory reporting
  • Robust data handling, supporting data streaming & APIs, with inline DQ checks & audit trails
  • Fully configurable reporting layer, with rich dashboards & alerts
Greater value and lower total cost of system ownership
  • Minimize CRs as users can re-configure system to keep pace with internal & regulatory changes
  • Standard & subscription license modes, with cloud options

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