Kepler CPM 

Integrated credit portfolio management

  • One click view of global asset positions and provisioning

  • Credit position lifecycle tracking

  • Audit trails for user action across the credit lifecycle

  • Flexible rule engine at portfolio and facility levels

  • Management of NPA identification rules

  • Flexible audit-logged provisioning adjustments

  • Product-wise credit performance evaluation

  • Pre-built accounting and regulatory disclosures

  • Integrated accounting for IRAC and IFRS 9 provisions

Simplifying the regulatory provisioning process

  • Seamless interface with multiple loan management and core-banking systems
  • Pre-built data validation and cleansing rules
  • Data quality dashboards
  • Screen based data editing with complete audit trail
  • Straight through processing
  • Front-end configurable asset classification, aggregation and provisioning rules
  • Screen-based rule visibility for regulatory inspections
  • Simulate outcomes for multiple rule scenarios simultaneously
  • Early warning and assessment of impact in case of asset quality deterioration
  • Days-past-due (DPD) provisioning distinguished and configurable by asset class and product types
  • Credit provisioning for banking and trading book products
  • Non-DPD rules based on business model and past trends
  • Management adjustments and overlays based on specific and general parameters with complete audit trail
  • Forward-looking provisioning projections
  • Flow of provisioning entries and DPD flags back to core systems
  • Accounting entries for regulatory provisions
  • Parallel accounting for IFRS 9 provisions
  • Reconciliation between accounting and regulatory provisions
  • Pre-configured regulatory and financial reporting formats
  • Fully compliant with RBI IRAC requirements
  • Pre-built dashboards and management reports for single-view of credit portfolio
  • Ongoing portfolio quality assessments
  • Product or business model specific trends and provisioning implications
  • Decision-support for credit portfolio rebalancing

Integrates with Kepler IFRS 9 for a comprehensive reconciliation between regulatory and accounting provisioning 

Kepler CPM helps financial institutions manage credit quality, performance and provisioning

Integrated and real-time

Single view across geographies, entities and portfolios 
Keep track of movements in credit quality
Drill through to facilities and positions
Evaluate impact on provisioning under future scenarios

Comply with regulatory classifications and changes at a click of a button

Setup regulatory rules and demonstrate compliance to regulators
Easily change classifications as regulations change
Classification by multiple cuts including products, customers, collateral attributes and guarantee attributes
Run multiple classifications simultaneously

Optimize, assign and compute impact of collateral in provisions

Assign collateral to facilities, borrowers and portfolio groupings
Optimize collateral allocation based on contractual and regulatory constraints
Manage bilateral netting arrangements and their impact on IRAC
Compute ongoing collateral coverage and assess collateral valuation impacts on coverage

Forecast, assess and manage provisioning impact

Seamlessly manage NPA bucketing based on DPD and other rules
Set provisioning ratios based on changing regulatory regimes based on asset grouping, obligor grouping, instrument grouping, guarantee and collateral attributes
Forecast and simulate NPA provisions for changes in regulatory and business scenarios
Proactively identify hot spots in the credit portfolio

Pre-built and up to date financial and regulatory provisions

Out of box regulatory reporting with capability to construct your reports on the fly
Financial reporting and disclosures configured in line with local requirements
Drill-through from regulatory and financial reports
Pre-built workflows and approval mechanism to respond to deviations and triggers

Enterprise-grade application with flexible user-access management and audit trail management that exceeds regulatory standards

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